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Compositeur : RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764)
Auteur du texte (attribution) : CAHUSAC, Louis de (1706-1759)
Composition : inconnue

Genre : Acte de ballet
Catalogue :  RCT 45

non représenté - partition inachevée

Synopsis :

Disguised as the shepherd Hylas, Jupiter courts the nymph Io. But he feigns indifference to force her to declare her own love first. Apollo, appearing as the shepherd Philemon, is unknowingly his unfortunate rival — the nymph rejects his love. Jupiter pretends to believe that Io pines for Philemon, and leaves her to fetch his rival. Philemon comes running, hoping to be loved at last. But Io sets him straight, declaring her love for the false Hylas. A storm breaks out, prolonging the uncertainty of the amorous nymph. Jupiter then reveals his true identity to Io. The Graces, the Pleasures and the Games are joined by Folly who sings an air left unfinished by Rameau.

[Patrick Florentin]


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IO - Manuscrit 1771-1790