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Compositeur : RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764)
Auteur du texte : VOLTAIRE, François Arouet dit (1694-1778)
Révision du texte : ROUSSEAU, Jean-Jacques (1712-1778)
Création : 22 décembre 1745 - Théâtre du Manège de la Grande Écurie (Versailles)

Genre : Acte de ballet
Catalogue : RCT 40 

Synopsis :

Fatime, princess of Granada, is prisoner of the cruel Alphonse, who has invaded her father’s kingdom. She is now waiting only for death. The words of her confidante Isbé are of no comfort. Only Alphonse’s son, Prince Ramire, can alleviate Fatime’s captivity and transform her prison into a more welcoming place. This is precisely what happens as if by magic, with a magnificent ceremony led by the soldiers in honour of the princess. Cupid (L’Amour) himself appears on a bed of roses and laurel. Fatime is astonished by all the care lavished on her: could the prince be courting her with presents instead of claiming his rights as the victor? Colourful figures give the celebrations an ever more surprising splendour: soothsayers and bohemians appear, followed by an astrologer. Isbé is convinced that Prince Ramire is in love with her mistress, who herself cannot believe it and still fears this unknown victor. He finally appears and introduces himself as a most humble and assiduous lover. He invites the Graces, the Cupids and the Pleasures to cheer up the princess. In the midst of the celebrations he can no longer resist and openly declares his love. Fatime is won over and offers him her heart in return.

[Benoit Dratwicki]

1745/12/22 - Château (VERSAILLES) - LES FÊTES DE RAMIRE

ROMAINVILLE, demoiselle Rotisset de (-1752) [Fatime]
JÉLYOTTE, Pierre de [Guerrier]
LE PAGE, François (1709-1780 ca) [Guerrier]
DECHASSÉ, Claude-Louis-Dominique (1699-1786) [Devin]
ALBERT, Mr (1734- fl.) [Suivant / Suivante de Ramire]
BOURBONNOIS [Suivant / Suivante de Ramire]
FEL, Marie (1713-1794) [Grâce]
COUPÉE, Marie-Angélique (1723-1789) [Grâce]
POIRIER, François (-1759) [Ramire]
GONDRÉ, Louise [Grâce]

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