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Compositeur : RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764)
Auteur du texte (attribution) : CAHUSAC, Louis de (1706-1759)
Composition : 1753

Genre : Acte de ballet
Catalogue : RCT 50 

Non représenté

Synopsis :

Nélée, winner of the games of Argos, is tired of loving the poetess Myrthis in vain. He tells her he wants to give his heart to Corinne instead. Myrthis, who feigned indifference to get Nélée to love her, is surprised and reproaches him for his fickleness. It is nevertheless she who must crown him, since he has defeated his rivals in the arena. His prize for victory is the possibility to choose his spouse. Nélée pretends to choose Corinne, provoking Myrthis’s fury. During the victory celebrations, Myrthis, crowning her beloved, shows her true feelings, and Nélée finally chooses her, in the midst of splendid celebrations organised for this new union.

[Patrick Florentin]

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